We seek to help you to run your business more effectively by providing accounting support and consultancy services. With a dedicated and experienced team, we offer our clients a level of efficiency and service that is unrivalled. We have forged strong business relationships with our clients due to our friendly and professional approach. Our clients are discerning professionals who recognise the value of experience, professionalism and service at a competitive price.



Ten reasons to choose us as your accountant:

  1. You will benefit from our competitive pricing. 
  2. You will have a one- stop - shop for all your accounting and taxation requirements. 
  3. You will have a tailor made service unique to your requirement. 
  4. You will receive a prompt response to any queries you have.
  5. You will have all finance reports explained to you in plain language. 
  6. You will always be dealt with in a professional and courteous manner. 
  7. You will always deal with a qualified accountant. 
  8. You will receive detailed invoices so you can fully understand all the services you are being charged for. 
  9. You can contact us in English, Hungarian and Polish language too.
  10. Lastly and not least, we have a sense of humour which always helps to reduce the stress of dealing with business issues!


Registered member of IAFA (Irish Accounting & Finance Associaton)